volunteer recognition

Eligibility Requirements

15 hours of SPT volunteer service or Athlete participation which should be cumulative during the last two years as a junior and senior in high school or college.

Hours can be accumulated at training academies, community events and fundraisers, tournaments and invitationals. Please be prepared to share supporting documents with event participation information.

How to Request
All requests must be made no later than Sunday, May 7, 2023.

Send your request to either your Site Coordinator or Jim Hamm with the graduation information including school name, college degree and date of graduation.

Site Coordinators, event leaders and coaches may be contacted to communicate/confirm the participation of the Athlete or volunteer.

Every effort will be made to deliver the Cords in a timely manner. Cords will be distributed at Training Sites or can be picked up from Jim Hamm.

What do the colors represent?

Gold is for the person that finishes above all others.

Blue is an indication of highest quality.

So it is only fitting that the SPT cord sends the message that our graduates are First Rate and Best in Class.