This month’s athlete feature is Allison! She will be representing Georgia at the USA Games in Orlando for Special Olympics this year! Allison has been a part of SPT for 15 years! Her favorite parts of SPT are making new friends, meeting new people, and having fun while playing tennis with all of her friends in one place. She also really loves working with Camille, her coach, at Lifetime! When asked what her favorite memory involving SPT was she said:

“Traveling to all of the tournaments is always fun. I’ve been to Belton, SC, Dothan, AL, and so many more. One memory that sticks out the most is getting to speak at the Country Club of Roswell.”

When she’s not on the tennis courts, Allison is working at the Tommy Nobis Center or making bracelets for her friends. She also loves to take walks outside, listen to music, or talk on the phone to her cousins and family. Allison also loves watching tv and her favorite shows include Chicago Fire, NCIS, and cooking shows. We asked Allison if she would recommend SPT to others and she said,

“OH YES! I tell anyone I come in contact with about SPT. I tell them tennis is very popular and a lot of fun!”

On the courts, Allison’s goals are to get better at serving and to keep working on perfecting her forehand and backhand. If she could play tennis with anyone in the world she would pick Rodger Federer because he knows how to play tennis really well (and is good looking).

We asked Allison’s mom what her favorite part of SPT was and she said, “The people, the volunteers, the families, and everyone getting together to support each other and all of the athletes. I love to see how much the volunteers love what they are doing and are so supportive of the athletes. Overall, I love watching everyone have a good time.” She also reported that Allison has gained a lot of lifetime friendships at training and tournaments and that SPT has provided a great social avenue for Allison which she is grateful for.

Jim’s Quote

“Allison is a great ambassador for the sport of tennis and especially Special Pops Tennis. You can always know that Allison will always give her best effort when playing tennis. Her commitment to performing her best is shown in how she continues to advance in her level of play. Allison is a very KIND person!!! She helps put a smile on the face of people in her presence!”