SPT Board Openings and Associated Responsibilities:



  1. Prior experience with SPT in a volunteer position is preferred.
  2. Take minutes at board meetings, submit to board members for corrections or changes. Distribute the final copy to board members within one week after the board meeting.
  3. Conduct roll call at board meetings.
  4. Assume responsibility of the chair in the absence of the board chair and vice chair.
  5. Provide notice of board meetings.
  6. Send information from Executive Director or Board Chair as needed to all board members.
  7. Professional background experience in law or business preferred.
  8. Guide the Board and/or management in seeking the advice of appropriate advisors, such as lawyer or accountant, as to significant, complex, or questionable matters.
  9. Ensure SPT works with a trustworthy expert to examine liability exposures and obtain appropriate insurance, including Directors & Officers (D&O) insurance.
  10. Review and approval of language for all negotiated contracts prior to final authorization for signatory action.