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October 2022 SPT Athlete: Patrick

This month’s athlete feature is Patrick! He has been playing tennis with SPT for 8 years! When asked his favorite part of SPT he said, “It’s not all about tennis but instead you get to hang out with people, get to know them, and become friends.” He has enjoyed getting to know people and creating a solid group of friends. He loves all the volunteers and coaches and how positive they are with every athlete. He loves how much a family Special Pops is and how everyone works hard but also supports one another. Patrick loves playing with his unified partner, Lisa Littleton, who drives down from Greenville, SC to play with him in the Fall Classic and Belton, SC tournaments every year. They [...]

October 20th, 2022|

May 2022 SPT Athlete: Allison

This month’s athlete feature is Allison! She will be representing Georgia at the USA Games in Orlando for Special Olympics this year! Allison has been a part of SPT for 15 years! Her favorite parts of SPT are making new friends, meeting new people, and having fun while playing tennis with all of her friends in one place. She also really loves working with Camille, her coach, at Lifetime! When asked what her favorite memory involving SPT was she said: “Traveling to all of the tournaments is always fun. I’ve been to Belton, SC, Dothan, AL, and so many more. One memory that sticks out the most is getting to speak at the Country Club of Roswell.” When she’s not on the tennis courts, [...]

May 12th, 2022|

April 2022 SPT Athlete: Ryan

This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Ryan. He has been playing tennis with Special Pops since 2011! When asked what his favorite part of SPT is, Ryan had this to said that he loves to get the gold medal. He recently won a very exciting match that went all the way to the last point of a tie breaker! Ryan didn’t have a favorite memory from SPT because he just loves playing tennis! Besides tennis, Ryan also enjoys bowling and shooting hoops in the driveway. He is a big movie buff and also loves music! His favorite song is “We’re the Titans” from Hercules and Xena. He also enjoys playing board games. Something really neat about Ryan is he loves snowboarding! His father takes [...]

April 13th, 2022|

March 2022 SPT Athlete: Myles

This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Myles. He has been playing tennis with Special Pops for more than 8 years! When asked what his favorite part of SPT is, Myles had this to say: “I love serving behind the white and blue line because you get to hit the ball after you toss it. Also, you get a lot of turns to serve. Socializing is my second favorite part of SPT. I love getting to hang out with all of my friends at the LifeTime training academy for practice and tournaments.” Myles also enjoys bowling, baseball, soccer, swimming, and running track. He is an orange belt in taekwondo and can break a board with one kick! He is currently a senior in high school [...]

March 21st, 2022|

February 2022 SPT Athlete: Jamie

This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Jamie. She has been playing tennis with SPT for 3-4 years! Jamie loves playing tennis and really enjoys it. When asked if she would like to be our Athlete Feature of the Month she said YES and lit up with a huge smile! Jamie’s father, Jim, takes her to tennis weekly. He has seen her make tremendous progress in tennis. He loves watching her play on the indoor courts and really appreciates the amazing volunteers that work with Jamie and the other athletes. Jamie is always sad at the end of each practice session but instantly perks back up as soon as we tell her the next session will come soon. Mom said that whenever they ask Jamie [...]

March 15th, 2022|

November 2021 SPT Athlete: Dominick

This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Dominick. He has been playing with SPT for 15 years! When asked what his favorite part of Special Pops Tennis is he said, “I love playing singles and don’t get tired playing singles like others do and I love the competition.” His favorite memories from SPT have been traveling to and participating in tournaments in Hilton Head, Dothan, Montgomery, Belton, and the Special Olympic Summer Games. Out of all of his travels, his favorite tournament is definitely the Fall Classic! Outside of tennis he enjoys playing softball, basketball, and bowling. Dominick has also worked restocking the Emergency Room (ER) at Northside Hospital in Lawrenceville for 15 years! We asked Dominick if he would recommend SPT to others and [...]

November 22nd, 2021|
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