Fall Classic 2021

Fall Classic

16th Annual Fall Classic September 24-25, 2021

New Updates for Observing COVID-19 protocol (UPDATED AUGUST 29, 2021 8:10PM)

1. Two-day event being held on Friday September 24 with singles tennis competition starting at noon and Saturday September 25, 2021 doubles tennis competition starting at 9:00 a.m.

2. Elimination of overnight stays for local athletes. Out of town participants should contact Jim Hamm about accommodations

3. Limit field size to 112 athletes. All match play levels offered. First registered; first served. Names will be added to a wait list if filled.

4. Reduced registration fee to $30 per athlete to include t-shirt; player bag, medal, Saturday lunch. Payment of registration fee will be made at the check-in at the Fall Classic tournament.

5. No rain date set.

6. Offer on-site lunch on Saturday for volunteers and unified partners that are scheduled for more than one 2-hour sessions

7. Recommended for athletes to wear a mask when not competing. Recommended for all volunteers, coaches, and spectators to always wear a mask.

8. Signature for waivers and temperature check of each person will occur at designated area for all entries and re-entries.

9. Hand sanitizer available at each tennis court being played.

10. Singles, Unified Doubles, and Traditional Doubles play will be offered.

11. Limit 4 ball persons per court

12. No handshaking throughout the match. Rackets bumps are suggested.

13. Umpire at each tennis match

14. Five-minute warm-up with 30 – minute timed match. Up to 10-minute transition and rest interval available following matches one and two.

15. Awards ceremony at completion of division play immediately following match three

16. When possible, it is preferred that athletes/unified partners vacate the premises following the receipt of his/her award.

17. When possible, it is preferred that volunteers vacate the premises following the conclusion of his/her shift.


Snapshots  from our 2020 Fall Classic