This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Mimi. She started playing tennis with SPT in 2010 when she was just 10 years old. When asked what her favorite part of SPT is, Mimi had this to say:

“My favorite part is playing tennis with friends and making new friends. I also like to learn how to play tennis.”

Mimi’s favorite SPT memory was when she went to Orlando for a tennis tournament in 2019 with SPT and got to visit Disney World. Off the tennis courts, Mimi loves to play basketball and video games. She is also part of the STRIVE Program where she is learning job skills and working to find the job that is the best fit to her. She also enjoys dancing and got to take dance classes when she was in high school. When asked if she would recommend SPT to other people, she said, “absolutely because they would have fun, be healthy, and tennis is exciting!” Mimi’s future goals are to continue to play tennis and to find the perfect job. If she could play tennis with anyone in the world, she picked Serena Williams because she is famous and really good at tennis.

Mimi’s parents enjoy volunteering with SPT and really enjoy spending time at the tournaments and events. When we asked them how SPT has helped Mimi they said:

“SPT has helped improve her communication and helped her become very social. We put her in tennis lessons at a young age and she was not able to keep up so she would get upset at practice. They found SPT and were so happy that the coaches and volunteers were so helpful and encouraging. We love that SPT gives us something to look forward to on the weekends and that it keeps Mimi health, active, and around her friends.”

Jim Hamm Quote:

Mimi’s journey with SPT began in 2010 with her being a Level I (skills level) player. Through her hard work, determination, and commitment to doing her best —- she is now one of the top-rated females in SPT and SOGA. She is extremely coachable and practices with the focus on getting better. Off the court she has many friends and enjoys her time with them (at the tennis court). Her family support of Dinh Ngo (father), Nancy Do (mother) and Michele Ngo (sister) is also first class. They are quick to volunteer at practices and events. Regardless of the task (large or small), they can be counted on to help! The entire family is a blessing for SPT. Mimi does not fear any opponents. She prefers to play against the best as she accepts the challenge in order for her to get better.”