This August 2021 Special Pops Tennis Athlete Feature is Santino. Santino has been playing tennis with SPT since the start. When asked what his favorite part of SPT was, Santino said making friends and having fun! Some of his favorite memories involving Special Pops Tennis happened while working with his coaches at our Lifetime and East Roswell academies. Santino recently moved to Arizona to be close to family and is hoping to find a new job. Outside of tennis, Santino loves to play basketball, soccer, bocce ball, and also spending time with his family especially his niece. When asked if he would recommend SPT to other people, Santino said, “Yes, because SPT helps people out by teaching them sportsmanship!” If he could play tennis with anyone in the world, he picked Rodger Federer because he’s a great player.

Santino’s parents had this to say about Special Pops Tennis:

“Our favorite part of SPT was seeing Santino happy and making friends. We loved seeing him getting to know other people.”

More specifically his dad said, “I liked that it was competitive but at the end of the day everyone always walked away with a smile on their face.”

When asked how SPT helped Santino achieve his goals on and off the courts, his parents said, “It made him more fit, made him learn sportsmanship, built his self-esteem, and allowed him to interact better with others. It was a great experience for him as well as us to be able to volunteer on different committees and by providing supplies when needed. We were very active and loved the relationships that we built. Special Pops gives the athletes and their families lifetime friends.”

Jim Hamm Quote:

“Santino’s journey with SPT began with a desire to be a better tennis player. But through the years it evolved into an expanded circle of influence and support that surrounded and encompassed the community where he lives. Santino will long be an example of what determination and best effort can offer an athlete both on and off the court. His dance moves, “no look” backhand shot, and love of the Ohio State Buckeyes are legendary!”

“On behalf of the Special Pops Tennis family, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Santino and his family for their many years of support and dedication to our athletes and events.”