This month’s SPT Athlete Feature is Jamie. She has been playing tennis with SPT for 3-4 years! Jamie loves playing tennis and really enjoys it. When asked if she would like to be our Athlete Feature of the Month she said YES and lit up with a huge smile! Jamie’s father, Jim, takes her to tennis weekly. He has seen her make tremendous progress in tennis. He loves watching her play on the indoor courts and really appreciates the amazing volunteers that work with Jamie and the other athletes.

Jamie is always sad at the end of each practice session but instantly perks back up as soon as we tell her the next session will come soon. Mom said that whenever they ask Jamie if she likes tennis, she always lights up with a smile and gives a huge yes nod! This makes her parents very happy because Jamie is nonverbal and seldomly displays emotions openly in public. So to see her filled with so much joy about tennis really makes them so happy!

“This outlet to play tennis, I am sure, makes her feel good because she is able to interact with other people on a specific topic. Socialization is so important to her, and her tennis lessons provide an easy and fun environment for her to get those much needed positive interactions.” – Jeanette (Jamie’s mom)

“Jamie is very easy to work with and you can tell she’s enjoying what she’s doing. Her father is always at practice and helps by picking up the balls or standing with Jamie when necessary.” – Camille (SPT Coach/Site Coordinator)

“Jamie comes ready at every training session to give her best effort. Her ‘can do’ attitude always leaves the volunteers and coaches feeling inspired by her dedication. It is indeed a blessing to have Jamie active in the SPT programs.” – Jim Hamm (SPT Executive Director)