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Photo: The Hancock Family at the 2019 Fall Class. L-R Phillip, Davis, Jen and Ella.

Earlier this fall, Jen Hancock was given the opportunity to choose four non-profit organizations each receiving a donation from her employer at Packard Capital. Jen said, “I feel blessed to work at a company where leadership makes charitable generosity a priority.” The funds were distributed from the Choate Bridges Foundation (CBF), a private 501(c)(3) organization. Jen made the opportunity a family affair. She asked her husband, Phillip, and their two young adult children, Ella and Davis, to choose a non-profit that reflected their individual passions.

Jen’s choice was Special Pops Tennis. She knew about Special Pops Tennis from Davis’ involvement in the Centennial High School Young Men’s Service League (YMSL) Chapter. Members of YMSL are often found volunteering at Special Pops Tennis Training Academies and events. Jen and Phillip were also former members of the County Club of Roswell, a site where Special Pops Tennis fundraising and events are frequently held. As members of the Roswell-Alpharetta Chapter of National Charity League, Jen and Ella had also become familiar with Special Pops Tennis because of this organization’s involvement, too.

But more than a general familiarity of Special Pops Tennis was Jen’s deep and long standing love of tennis. Her passion for tennis was the key reason she selected Special Pops Tennis. Jen grew up playing tennis and has remained an avid tennis player. She is active in ALTA and USTA. “Special Pops Tennis focuses on making sure the Athletes have a positive experience overall,” shared Jen. “But it’s also exciting to see the Athletes enjoy playing tennis and given a chance to become competitive in this great sport.”

Both Jen and Phillip were raised with philanthropic values and have passed on their family legacy of giving to their children. As a family, they volunteer frequently and offer financial support to causes that touch their hearts. During the Special Pops Tennis 2019 Fall Classic, the entire Hancock family volunteered to help with chasing balls, scoring and making line calls. “We mostly enjoyed being cheerleaders,” Jen said. “We were so impressed by the Athletes. They were competitive, confident and joyful. And we remember their smiles.”

In October Jim Hamm, Special Pops Tennis Founder and Executive Director, was contacted by Jen indicating she would like to drop off a check as a donation. “Being nearby, I agreed to come by her office to pick up the check,” Jim said. Attached to the check was a note that read “This year I was blessed with the opportunity from my employer to pick charities near and dear to my heart to give a donation. There are four people in my family and I chose one charity for each person in my family for their passion. Special Pops Tennis is an organization that I chose for myself. I am an avid tennis player, growing up playing the sport and continue to play weekly. My family had the opportunity to serve at one of your tennis events and was so impactful to our entire family. Thank you so much for all that you do to provide this sport to the athletes. I am so excited to be able, through my employer, to give you a check.”

“We are grateful for this donation and a little overwhelmed by the extraordinary act of kindness by Jen’s employer,” Jim shared. “I couldn’t wait to talk with Jen to tell her thank you for choosing Special Pops Tennis and how much her support means to our Athletes.”