Board of Directors

Kyle Dickerson

Technology Director


Kyle has worked in IT and Cyber Security at the enterprise level since 2014. While he has worked for major corporations such as Dell to startup companies, his career began as a help desk support technician. He quickly transitioned into software development.

He is currently working as a Systems/Enterprise architect where his main responsibility is to design and build secure systems and solutions that integrate across the enterprise. One lesson he’s learned in business is to know one’s value so your contributions are optimized and maximized.

Kyle finds motivation and inspiration in a quote by Albert Einstein, “You never fail until you stop trying.”

Kyle has volunteered with the “Band of Coders” to teach 4th and 5th grade girls how to use and code with MIT custom applications.

Special Pops Tennis

Kyle became a Special Pops Tennis Board member in January 2023 to help digitally transform SPT so the organization could better reach and support those in need with the use of technology.

While Kyle considers himself “newish” to tennis, his best friend and “partner in crime” (Viola Madej, another SPT Board member) introduced him to the sport and Special Pops Tennis a while back. He’s been hooked ever since.