Board of Directors

Kathryn Cater Bergquist

Programs Director



Since 1990, Kathryn has been an attorney after graduating from UNC Law School. In 2004, she started her own practice and is focused on workers’ compensation defense, estate and will planning and “neighbor law” (her term for answering neighbors’ general legal questions). One of the most important lessons she’s learned in her work is to treat others the way you want to be treated and to always remember you never know the challenges others are facing daily.


Special Pops Tennis


Starting in 1992, Kathryn has served on various committees supporting Kids Chance of Georgia, Inc., a nonprofit charity that establishes educational scholarships for children whose parents were injured or killed in work-related accidents. She helped establish a tennis tournament in 1997 and continues to support it. She has recently served as the VP of Philanthropy and the President of the Young Men’s Service League, Centennial Chapter which led her to Special Pops Tennis.

She joined the Special Pops Tennis Board in October 2023 after helping another board member, Helen Boudreaux. Kathryn has played tennis since she was four years old and learned the game from her aunt who was a tennis instructor in Winston-Salem, NC. Her aunt cut off wooden racquets and taught her cousins and her to play tennis. Kathryn does not consider herself a natural athlete but loves playing tennis. She is eternally grateful to her aunt for adding so much to her life by teaching her tennis.


Her favorite mantra is “No Pain, No Gain.” In 1982 she attended the Outward Bound School and their motto was “No Pain No Gain.” At the time she found the constant mantra of “no pain no gain” exhausting as her group hiked for days without regular food, shelter and without family or friends; however, she now realizes she learned more about leadership and success from this experience than she learned from all the years of schooling otherwise