The growth and popularity of adaptive tennis programs is helping participants as well as the sport itself, and one of the most dedicated and tireless supporters of these initiatives is Marcy Hirshberg, vice chair of the USTA’s National Adaptive Tennis Committee.

Over the past few years, Hirshberg has worked to garner resources for adaptive programs throughout the South, and the beneficiaries of such efforts include the Wounded Warrior Tennis Program, the Laredo Tennis Program, Abilities Tennis, Special Olympics, and Special Pops Tennis (a nationally recognized leader in adaptive tennis). Hirshberg also serves on numerous boards and committees, including USTA Southern, USTA Georgia and the Georgia Professional Tennis Association.

“Marcy has committed much of her time, energy and resources to advancing the visibility of adaptive tennis throughout the U.S.,” says Darren Potkey, executive director of USTA Georgia.

And for 2020, she is Racquet Sports Industry’s Adaptive Tennis Champion.

“It’s exciting to see the growth in adaptive programs and to know how much more we can accomplish,” Hirshberg says. “The USTA is very supportive of these programs, which makes it easier to grow them.”


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