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SPT Spring Academy sessions will soon begin at 10 SPT locations. Keep a watchful eye for announcements later in February on how to register as either an Athlete or a volunteer.

Necessary health and safety precautions and restrictions will be enforced due to the challenges of the pandemic. Restrictions include limiting the number of Athletes and volunteers at each training site and modified levels of play.

We have confirmed 10 of the 18 SPT sites will be open. For returning Athletes and volunteers, you are encouraged to register at a site that you may or may not have previously attended.

The level of play and number of participants permitted each week will be the primary restrictions specific to our training.

Additional precautions and personal protection for each participant include wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and social distancing.

The registration process will give more detailed explanation of restrictions and weekly confirmation procedures specific to the chosen site.

For further explanation you may always contact your site coordinator, or Kathy Avery at Kathy-avery@hotmail.com or Jim Hamm at jim_hamm2003@yahoo.com.

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