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  • Athlete Forms:

Athlete:Volunteer:Unified Partner Forms Checklist (Understanding required paperwork for attending Special Olympic Georgia Summer Games)

New SOGA Medical Form  (Medical Form-Needs to be updated every 3 years.)

Behavior Code Of Conduct


  • Volunteer & Unified Partner Forms:

SPT- Volunteer Hour Log Sheet

 Paperwork for Participating in Special Olympics

  1. Unified Partners 18 and over must complete the VOLUNTEER AND UNIFIED PARTNER FORM, Online Protective Behaviors (, and Background Screening via Verified Volunteers ( (Good Deed Code: wnoc4cz).  NOTE-  THE PROTECTIVE BEHAVIORS AND THE BACKGROUND SCREENING NEEDS TO BE RENEWED EVERY 3 YEARS.
  2. Unified Partners 17 and under must complete the VOLUNTEER AND UNIFIED PARTNER FORM. (Not mandatory to complete Online Protective Behaviors or Background Screening via Verified Volunteers)


Coach Certification – (Not needed to attend SOGA- Unless you are interested becoming an on court coach at the games)

Application-for-Sports-Training-Certification . (Form to log hours from Coaches’ Training and Site hours.)

All Coaches / Assistant Coaches, Chaperones, and Bus Drivers 18 and over must complete the Volunteer / Unified Partner Profile Form, Online Protective Behaviors Training (,  Code of Conduct, Online Concussions Training (,  and Background Screening via Verified Volunteers ( ( Login & use Good Deed Code: wnoc4cz).

Application for Tennis Recertification 

Coach certification expires every 3 years.  If a coach needs to update the Tennis Certification, they can follow this link to take the online re-certification test.  The results come straight to Kelli Britt (SOGA).  But, it is a good idea to print the certificate at the end of the training for your records or in case there is question about whether it came through to Kelli Britt (SOGA). 


Unified Partner Code of Sportsmanship (resource)

Frequently Asked Questions – Unified Partners (resource)

Athlete Behavior Checklist and Strategies to Improve Learning (resource)